Banoffee Slice

This is a variation on the Mars Bar Toffee Slice as I’m hooked on the simplicity of the bake.

Banoffee Slice
300g mixed biscuits (digestives, ginger nuts, bourbon)
100g butter (melted)
2 large just ripe bananas
1 x 397g condensed milk
100g milk chocolate
100g dark chocolate
5g butter

Crush the biscuits (I’ve taken to doing mine the old fashioned way in a zip lock bag with a rolling pin) and stir in the melted butter. Pat into a well lined greased grease proof paper 20cm square tin. Yes I greased my grease proof paper as it does stick to caramel/toffee. Cover the biscuits with thickly sliced banana and pour over the condensed milk. Bake in a 175’c fan oven for 30 minutes. Checking and turning the tin if necessary as the condensed milk needs to colour evenly. Take out of tin whilst hot and peel the grease proof paper sides down. Leave until you can just touch it and turn over to remove the grease proof paper completely as it will stick when cold. Over the bananas (which are just peaking through) pour over the melted chocolate mix (melt the butter into the chocolate to give a lovely long lasting shine). Cool and cut into triangles or squares or for adults big fat rectangles. It will only last 24-48 hours before the banana starts to go a bit. It probably won’t last that long.

Thank you for reading


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