Mars Bar Toffee slice

This is fantastic and very naughty. Don’t bother reading anymore if you are watching your calorie intake.

I didn’t believe this could work when I found it on a great looking blog but it really does work. It is very addictive, 1 or 2 pieces is not enough. The condensed milk filters through the biscuits producing a chewy biscuit layer and holding it altogether. Very few crumbs here.
Squishyness calls this a mars bar slice which it is unless you bake it too long and the caramel is more like chewy toffee hence why my name is different.

I’ve had to guess at some of the ingredients and also the tin and bake time.

375g chocolate covered digestives or malted milk
100g butter
4 regular mars bars
1 tin condensed milk
100g of milk chocolate
100g of dark chocolate
About 10g butter

Bash the biscuits roughly (not to powder) and mix with melted butter. Pat down flat and even onto a lined 21x31cm tin. Slice up mars bars and arrange over biscuit base. Pour over condensed milk and bake at 175’c fan oven for 25 minutes for dark toffee. If you are looking for caramel check at 15 minutes. Wait until cold then melt milk and dark chocolate with a small knob (about 10g) of butter and spread evenly over the bake.

Wait until chocolate is set (unlike me) and cut into SMALL squares and distribute to friends because if you eat it all it might affect your health.

Thank you for reading


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