Cherry Bakewell cake

This is a great cake from the Good Food website, I’ve made it so many times before.
I’ve recently invested in 2 x 8″ round cake tins which I wanted to use on a recipe I’d tried before and knew was good. I have made this recipe with 2 x 7″ round tins and its turned out fine just deeper dense cake discs and more intense almond flavour. The 8″ round tins made obviously thinner cake discs but very light and delicate. The icing and jam filling are the attraction for children.


Cherry Bakewell cake

200g butter (I used stork)
200g golden caster sugar (I used regular caster sugar)
100g ground almonds
100g self-raising flour
1 tsp baking powder
½ tsp almond extract
4 large eggs

For the filling and top
½ a 340g jar morello cherry conserve
175g icing sugar
5-6 tsp water or lemon juice
1 tbsp ready-toasted flaked almonds

Thank you for reading


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