Ice Cream Pie

Perfect summer pudding for children. Very simple, bit of a cheat. This is also my We Should Cocoa challenge for July.



“The idea is to make something with chocolate each month. You can use any sort of chocolate or cocoa substance and use any ingredient that you like. But you must include the special ingredient or ingredients selected by the host. It can be sweet or savoury, simple or complicated; be as creative as you like. You can use anyone’s recipe (acknowledging the source of course) or make up your own.” Chocolate Log Blog and Chocolate Teapot. This months ingredient is ice cream by Choclette from Chocolate Log Blog.

Ice cream Pie
400g milk chocolate digestives
150g butter (melted)
500ml chocolate ice cream
500ml strawberry ice cream
500ml vanilla ice cream
100g of raspberries and blueberries (or your favourite berries)

Crush the digestive to a fine crumb and mix with the melted butter. Tip into a 8″ round, loose bottom, deep cake tin and flatten out. Push the biscuits into the edge of the tin which will force the mix up the tin to form a biscuit container. Put it in the freezer for 10 minutes to firm up the butter.

Once very cold use an ice cream scoop to make a layer of chocolate ice cream in the biscuit base. Smooth over with a pallet knife and then put back in the freezer for 45 mins ish (I did mine sooner but I was in a rush and it didn’t set very well making the next layer difficult to spread). Once set make another layer with strawberry ice cream and smooth over with a pallet knife and then refreeze. Finally make the last layer with vanilla and smooth over. This layer should come to the top of the biscuit case. Refreeze until solid. Push out of the 8″ tin, slide off the base and decorate with berries. Serve immediately and eat as fast as you can. Put the remainder pie in the freezer until second slices as required.

Start it in the morning and it will be ready for dinner.

We had this with family so didn’t get chance to take nice pictures before it was demolished. However here is the leftovers…

Thanks for reading


One response to “Ice Cream Pie

  1. That looks really effective. Great layering affect and the fruit sets it all off very nicely. Thanks for joining in with We Should Cocoa. I don’t remember seeing it on the linky though. Don’t forget to add it or I might forget this when doing the round-up.

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