Popcorn Cupcakes

I’ve recently treated myself to the new Hummingbird Bakery cookbook called Home Sweet Home.

Rarely can I say that I want to make everything I read about in one book but this book is delicious. It also has a method of preparing cake batter which is new to me but really works. I have baked the vanilla cupcakes many times and they have always worked and is the basis for investing in this book. However I have found that unusually the cupcakes taste better the next day. On day of baking they are bland and won’t come out of the paper cases with ease. However the next day they are really sweet good vanilla flavour and more importantly they come out of the paper cases effortlessly and perfectly. The frosting is absurdly sweet but children can’t get enough of it. I do find that half the amount of frosting covers about 10 cupcakes (we keep some plain for the very small people that visit). My eldest flicked through the book and requested these cupcakes to be made first. I thought he’d opt for the strawberry milkshake cupcakes but maybe he didn’t see them.

Popcorn Cupcakes



I’ve also baked the Lemon Cake with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting for my husband’s birthday last week which was delicious but my frosting was too warm and ran off the cake quicker than I could load it on. By the time I’d realised my mistake it was too late the cake looked like a dogs dinner so NO pictures were taken. I’m looking forward to baking more things from this book.

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2 responses to “Popcorn Cupcakes

  1. What was the better method for making batter? If using stork, I bung it all in at once… And mix!

    • I’ll edit the post with recipe and method details. It’s starts by mixing flour, sugar, butter and baking powder together in a mixer until you get a sandy consistency and then add the wet ingredients.

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