I’m going to deviate from the cake tin today by blogging on two desserts I made our friends for dinner last weekend.  First is Barbados Cream (my favourite) which many big name baker/cook/chefs have recipes for but mine is from my mum and is very similar to anything you will find on the internet.  It’s a dessert I remember having at home and we would normally eat it on its own (all fighting for the sugary, syrupy pools of muscovado sugar), however civilised people might serve it with fresh fruit.

full dish

Barbados cream

1 pint (568mls) Double cream
500g Total greek yoghurt (full fat)
5-8 tablespoons Dark muscovado sugar (maybe more)

Very simply whip the double cream until only just thickening and then mix in the Total greek yoghurt.  This mixing will thicken the cream further and leave you with a well combined soft peaks mixture.  You will need a shallow serving dish around 8-9″ wide to put the cream mixture in.  I arranged the mixture as if it were a Pavlova ready to bake with peaks and troffs so that when the sugar dissolves it will form in puddles all over the cream.  Crumble the dark muscovado sugar over the cream liberally.  I’ve put 5-8 tablespoons in the recipe but honestly I don’t know how much, it will depend on the size of your serving dish.  It’s important to cover the cream all over with a thick layer of sugar.  I then leave mine uncovered in the fridge for 24 hours and all the sugar will melt.  Then shortly before serving (about 1-2 hours) give it another sprinkle with sugar.  The taste of thick cream, sugary syrup and crunchy muscovaclose up 2do is a taste sensation.

close up 1

I thought everyone would like this but it turns out it’s a bit like Marmite – you either love it or hate it.  We love it.

The second dessert was Lemon and Ginger cheesecake.

It’s a good cheesecake recipe. It was thick and creamy even though I did use lighter Philadelphia cream cheese.  It needed more ginger and maybe more lemon.  In hindsight I would have used Ginger Nut biscuits and stem ginger in the base as the oaty biscuits didn’t add much to the cheesecake.  I also think that a swirl of lemon curd in the cheesecake mix would have been a good move.  I don’t think the sour cream top added anything to an already creamy cheesecake so I think this is there to hide any cracks that may have formed by an oven which was too hot.  I might have been better spread on top just before serving with lots of chopped stem ginger and lemon zest mixed in.

Lemon and ginger cheesecake

barbados and cheesecake


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