P-Nutter Brownies

Well this is exciting, I’ve made brownies before but never peanut butter brownies and certainly not in this fashion.  I’ve found many recipes for peanut butter brownies on the internet but I thought I’d better start this experimental baking with a recipe I know, trust and had success with before.  So I adapted my favourite Blondie recipe (quite a lot) to come up with something new (ish).  Now my Blondie recipe has been scrawled down in a note-book of mine with no original author details or source, but then I never thought I’d be blogging about this recipe so I can’t give the original author credit.  Having said that it has been changed so much that it doesn’t really resemble the original recipe now anyway.

Gnaw peanut butter

I bought this chocolate whilst on holiday (Norfolk) but forgot (yes forgot about it, I know how could I do such a thing with a bar of lovely chocolate) about it so it didn’t get eaten.  Whilst I was checking the stock on the baking cupboard I came across it and thought its as good a place as any to start this blog.  I’ve read reviews about it, some saying its delicious and others saying it just milk chocolate with nuts in and not actually got peanut butter in it.  Anyway it tasted very nice when I sampled a corner before tipping the rest in my gooey brownie mix.

Chopped gnawThe gooey mix is as follows….

P-Nutter Brownies

100g butter
100g dark chocolate
200g light muscovado sugar
2 large eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
110g plain flour
30g cocoa
15g coconut
1 tbsp milk
100g GNAW Peanut Butter Bar chopped
9 tsp crunchy peanut butter

Firstly melt the butter and dark chocolate together and cool for a short while (I can’t wait more than 5 minutes) before mixing in the light muscovado sugar until there are no lumps left.  This sugar gives a  lovely caramel chewy taste to the brownie. Mix in the eggs and vanilla until just incorporated.  Sift the flour and cocoa (lumpy cocoa, not pretty in baked result) and stir gently into the chocolately mix but not quite fully combined, add the coconut and GNAW chocolate and use the milk to loosen the mix. It should be thick, velvety and drop off the spoon with a tap.  Spread into a 20cm x 20cm (8 inch) square tin which has been well lined (I use two 20cm strips of greaseproof/baking paper, sainsburys in my favorite).  Finally drop the 9 tsp of crunchy peanut butter in a grid formation across the brownie mix and use the point of a teaspoon or toothpick to swirl the peanut butter over the top of the brownie mix.

sunkist raw mixFull tin of P-NutterMy fan oven is a bit fierce but this is usually cooked in 20 minutes at 175 degrees celsius (325 Fahrenheit = 170 Celsius / Centigrade = 3 Gas Mark = Slow).  It should be cooked on the edges but have a good wobble in the middle as it continues to cook in the tin.  I let it cool for 15 minutes in the tin before lifting out the greaseproof/baking paper and resting on wire rack.

P-Nutter in tinCooked and still in tin

Now, I usually cut these into 16 small squares but today I thought a generous 9 square would be more appropriate given that I place 9 tsp of peanut butter carefully over the top.  Only immediate improvement would be a sprinkle of sea salt over the top as the peanut butter I used was sweeter than I’d have liked and didn’t give the salty hit I was hoping for.  But it is a lovely sweet and salty pleasure!

P-Nutter cut SONY DSCMoist P-Nutter SONY DSC

Today was a victory, many thanks for reading.


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